Welcome to the portal page of Doctoral Training Centres within the University of Oxford.

SysBio DTC

Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre

The research focus of the Systems Biology DTC is in developing a systems approach to "bridging the gap" between theoretical and experimental knowledge from the level of the individual protein to the level of the whole cell/organism.

Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science, Centre for Doctoral Training

The EPSRC SABS-CDT provides a comprehensive training programme to prepare physical and life sciences graduates to undertake research careers in drug discovery and medical imaging at the industrial interface.

Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre

The LSI DTC provides a tailored training programme for graduates from primarily physical science backgrounds who wish to conduct research in the clinical and life sciences.

Bioscience DTP
Synthesis CDT
Medical Sciences DTC

Oxford Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Partnership

The Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP aims to to arm a new generation of bioscience researchers with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the most important challenges in bioscience research.

Synthesis for Biology & Medicine Centre for Doctoral Training

The SBM CDT aims to train next-generation doctoral scientists in the practice of chemical synthesis coupled with an in-depth appreciation of its application to biology and medicine.

Medical Science Doctoral Training Centre

The Medical Sciences DTC offers six Wellcome Trust funded programmes, each with a distinct intellectual flavour. Students carry out research projects with scientists at the forefront of their fields in addition to receiving outstanding training.

Healthcare Innovation CDT
Social Sciences DTC
Cyber Security CDT

Centre for Doctoral Training in Healthcare Innovation

We are looking for bright, talented students with excellent grades in their first degree in engineering or a physical sciences subject to join a new and exciting DPhil in Healthcare Innovation graduate training and research programme.

ESRC Social Science Doctoral Training Centre

The Social Sciences Doctoral Training Centre reflects Oxford's distinguished tradition of training graduate students to be exceptional global thinkers, and influencing businesses, international affairs and social development.

Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security

The CDT in Cyber Security provides a bespoke multidisciplinary training programme to understand the real-world challenges and to make a contribution in solving some of the most significant Cyber Security problems society faces today.

Environmental Research DTP
Synthetic Biology CDT

Centre for Doctoral Training in Environmental Research

The DTP in Environmental Research is a multidisciplinary, student-centred programme providing training across three broad streams: Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolutionary Processes; The Dynamic Earth, Surface Processes and Natural Hazards; and The Physical Climate, to tackle real-world problems.

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems

The AIMS CDT will provide a comprehensive, state-of-the-art view to autonomous intelligent systems. Combining theoretical foundations and systems research, it will deliver highly trained individuals in the underpinning sciences of robotics, computer vision, wireless embedded systems, machine learning, control and verification.

EPSRC & BBSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Synthetic Biology

The Synthetic Biology Centre for Doctoral Training (SynBioCDT) provides a 4-year doctoral programme that offers training in the new field of Synthetic Biology, the "Engineering of Biology". This centre is a collaboration between the Universities of Oxford, Bristol and Warwick.


Theory and Modelling in Chemical Sciences Centre for Doctoral Training

The EPSRC TMCS-CDT provides comprehensive training in theoretical and computational chemistry, across the full spectrum of the subject. TMCS is a collaboration between the Universities of Oxford, Bristol and Southampton.

Oxford-Nottingham Biomedical Imaging Centre for Doctoral Training

The Oxford-Nottingham Biomedical Imaging (ONBI) Centre for Doctoral Training, co-sponsored by EPSRC and MRC, aims to train the next generation leaders in the science of biomedical imaging, and offers a uniquely broad training in all imaging methods and scales.

Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling Centre for Doctoral Training

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling (InFoMM) is a partnership between EPSRC, the University of Oxford, and non-academic partners and will train students in cutting-edge mathematical methods and how to exploit them to solve problems arising in companies.