Simon Thomson

DTP Programme Timetable

Months 1-3 Months 4-12 Months 13-42 Months 43-48
Core Skills Quantitative, statistical, data management & computational skills Scientific method Project-led skills trainging Thesis & viva preparation
Research Awareness of the grand challenges in bioscience research Rotation projects developing inter-disciplinary skills Doctoral research consolidating inter-disciplinary skills Finish research Write and submit thesis
Communicating & collaborating Reading, writing & communicating, team-based training Project presentations, narrative skills Scientific writing, teaching skills & presentation skills 4th year conference
Career planning & development Introduction to career planning & internships Project management & training plan Networking skills & internship (12 weeks, timing flexible) CV review & interview skills
Engaging with industry, policy & society Introduction to public engagement, impact & technology transfer Ethics & the NC3Rs Policy workshop Engagement & Enterprise Impacts on industry, policy and society