Adam Thomas

GSK-Crick Chemical Biology DTC

Personal photo - Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas

Doctoral Student at the Doctoral Training Centre

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


I studied for my undergraduated masters (MChem) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Leicester and graduated in 2017. I carried out my MChem research project with the Chemical Biology, under the supervision of Prof Paul Cullis and Dr Mark Lowe. The project title was ‘Theranostic Rhenium(I) Complexes Containing a Cytotoxic Benzothiazole’, and was mainly focused around synthetic organic chemistry, however aspects of inorganic chemistry and chemical biology, as well as spectroscopy and cellular biology were encapsulated. I was Senior Men’s Captain at the University of Leicester Boat Club for two years where the squad went on to perform highly at BUCS events and Henley Royal Regatta. Whilst working on the committee I helped organise fundraising events for charities, as well as heading the organisation of two, week long, training camps, and authored a Development Plan which raised a significant amount of additional funding. I also spent time coaching beginners who had taken up the sport whilst at the university.


For me, small molecule drug design, and investigating their modes of action at the cellular level, to cure a disease or probe an enzyme mechanism, really excites me. Neurodegenerative diseases are becoming an ever-increasing concern as we continue to live longer, and I believe this area of research is stimulating and extremely important. Another field of active research I have enjoyed learning about is the chemistry behind genetics and nucleic acids; and whether deeper understanding of our genome would help treat, and maybe even eradicate some diseases.