Benjamin Singer

Benjamin Singer

Benjamin John Singer

Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


From 2013-2017 I read for an integrated master's degree in Physics and Philosopy at the University of Oxford, specialising in theoretical biological physics towards the end of the programme. In my final year I undertook a research project in Ard Louis' research group, studying the role of simplicity in evolution from the perspective of formal language theory.


My scientific interests are broad, covering most of theoretical and mathematical biology. Particular interests of mine include:

In my free time I run the Oxford Knitters' Guild, I act as the LGBTQ+ representative on the committee of Brasenose HCR, and I am involved in Effective Altruism Oxford.


Spring 2018—DTC Short Project 1

In spring 2018 I will undergo a 12-week project in the Department of Statistics with Jotun Hein on the phylogeography of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus, in collaboration with Luca Ferretti of the Pirbright Institute.

2016-2017—Master's Project at the University of Oxford

I did my master's project in Ard Louis' research group. Building on Louis' work on biased genotype-to-phenotype maps and their role in evolution, I investigated bias in the map from formal grammars to formal languages, making connections to information-theoretical concepts of complexity. At the end of the project, I produced a 10-page project report.

Summer 2015—Research Internship at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

At OIST I completed a project investigating locomotive behaviours of C. elegans using the Eigenworms model. Working in Professor Ichiro Maruyama's Information Processing Biology Unit, I undertook experimental and computational reasearch, producing a research report and a spoken presentation as my final deliverables.