Veronica Martini

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Veronica Martini

Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


  • MSc in “Medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical technology”, School of Pharmacy at the University of Parma, Italy.
  • Graduate student in “One Health” program, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.


  • 6 months research project in "Design and characterization of a solid tumour glycan targeting bispecific antibody" in Prof L. Durrant's lab, Nottingham Therapeutic Antibody Center, University of Nottingham, UK.
  • 3 months internship in "Reverse Vaccinology Approach for the Prevention of Mycobacterial Disease in Cattle" in Prof. R. Hancock's lab Dept. of Microbiology, University of British Columbia, Canada.
  • 7 months scholarship from the Univeristy of Copenhagen for a research project in "Magnetic resonance imaging-assisted design of a thermostable and self-administrable tuberculosis vaccine for inhalation" with Prof. C. Foged.
  • DPhil research project in "Active and passive immunity induced by areosols in influenza vaccination" in the group of Elma Tchilian (Pirbright Institute), under the co-supervision of Alain Townsend (University of Oxford) and Ronan MacLoughlin (Aerogen)


  • immunology and its relationship with cancer and infection
  • drug delivery


  • European Workshop on Particulates System (19th-20th January 2017, Copenhagen)

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