DTC - Tika Malla

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Tika Malla

Doctoral Student at the Doctoral Training Centre

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


2017-Present DTP in Interdisciplinary Bioscience

2014-2017 BSc.(Hons) Biochemistry. University College London

Relevant modules : Dynamic Biological System, Advanced Molecular Cell Biology, The Principles of Cellular Control and Regulation, The Mechanisms of Molecular Machines, Immunology, Molecular Mechanisms of Gene Expression and Regulation, Computational and Systems Biology

2011-2013 Queen’s Mary Sixth Form College, Basingstoke Biology (A), Chemistry(A), Further Mathematics(A), Mathematics (A*) and Extended Project Qualifications (a).

Mathematics(A*), Spanish(A) and English(B) for GCSE.

Research Background

2016 Bsc Project Mining the genomes and metagenomes for the discovery of functional enzymes Identification of novel aldoketoreductases and imine reductases from genomes and metagenomes data. PCR amplification of the genes. Classical restriction, ligation method of 96 genes in high throughput. Cloning, protein expression and enzyme assay.

2016 Undergraduate Wellcome Trust Research Scientist, University of Manchester Investigation of the binding of drosophila proline rich motif in IPIP27 with F and H domain of OCRL1 protein was studied and successfully shown using protein purification, PAGE Gel Electrophoresis and pull down assay techniques. Tutorials and seminar held every week on emerging field of immunology and new techniques such as CRISPR which helped to widen research skills and information. Strong lab and analytics skills developed by independently designing and executing experiments with minimal supervision and analyzing the obtained data.

2015 iGEM , UCL Biochemical Engineering Department iGEM is an international synthetic biology competition held annually in Boston. Our team focused on developing a prototype for psychobiotics to improve mental health conditions mainly by manipulating the bidirectional pathway of mood regulation by gut microbes and composition of gut microbes by brain. Engineered gut microbiomes to secrete precursor proteins that would spontaneously cross the blood brain barrier. Developed sensors that would detect the change in mood such as nitric oxide that has been found in increased level in patients with unipolar depression (Michael 2010) by incorporating them upstream of effector responding genes. Awarded gold medal, best entrepreneurship award and nomination for best composite part. Obtained a provisional patent for prokao, a chocolate psychobiotic. Strong interpersonal skills developed by communicating and raising awareness about synthetic biology and potential alternative therapeutic ideas to sensitive audience on mental health.

2012 Nuffield Bursary Student Researcher, Institute of Marine Biology, Portsmouth University An ecological conservation project to discourage frequent bait collection by determining the best storage media for King Rag worms. King rag worms were stored in sea water, coastal sand, vermiculite, garden soil, water with a continuous flow and still water. Daily count of surviving rag worms taken with routine change of medium along with temperature data analysis. Coastal sand and sea water were determined as the most suitable medium after the evaluation of the final data. Communication and time management skills enhanced as travelling to different natural habitats of King ragworm, gathering information from the local sellers about the bait storage medium.


iGEM Gold medal and Best Entrepreneurship Award

London iGEM Meetup, Westminster University Poster presentation at Westminster University with iGEM participants from all across the U.K

UCL Synthetic Biology Showcase, June 2015 Poster presentation of the iGEM project “Mind the Gut” and discussions with academics and PhD fellowship audience present.

Best Speaker Award 2015 UCL Biochemistry Department award for the best presentation on protein purification and discussion.

The Outstanding Student Award 2010 VOW magazine, Nepal awarded the prize on the basis of academic performance along with community service and involvement.


Synthetic Biology Company Showcase at the East Coast CRISPR Capital, September 2015 Boston This included talks from start-up professionals from Lab Genius, Desktop Genetics, CRISPR co-founder and so on about their contribution to synthetic biology via their rapid technological advancement.

Infectious Disease Symposium, October 2015, UCL An evening with discussion from professors and lecturers from Imperial, Oxford and Cambridge on virulence factors of different pathogens and how the genetic diversity of pathogen has changed overtime with evolution if at all.

I think, I make - A Conversation On the Origin and Future of Life, February 2015, UCL Synthetic DNA called XNA’s, the idea that life began near hydrothermal vents and the evolution of the energy metabolism from simple to complex life forms were discussed by Adam Rutherford, Nick Lane and Dr.Vitor Pinheiro.