Niels Leadholm

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Dr Niels Leadholm

Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


  • I am a medical doctor by training, having qualified in 2015 and practised within the NHS full-time for two years.
  • I am also co-founder and director of Medincle Ltd, a software company that distributes a biomedical plug-in to spellcheckers and speech recognition software. My directorial role is focused on product development and user experience. Medincle Website


  • My research interest is in theoretical and computational neuroscience.
  • Over the next year I will be exploring probabilistic models of learning in the brain and the emergence of feature binding in spiking neural networks.
  • This work will be divided between the groups of Professor Rafal Bogacz (MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit) and Dr Simon Stringer respectively (Oxford Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence).


  • MBChB Medicine, with Distinction
    • University of Bristol 2009-2015
  • Introduction to Computer Science & Programming in Python
    • MITx edX Oct-Dec 2013
  • BSc Cancer Biology & Immunology, First Class
    • University of Bristol 2011-2012

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