Andreas Kjær

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Andreas Kjær

Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


  • DPhil in interdisciplinary Biosciencei
  • Master’s Degree, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2015 - 2017
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2011 - 2014


  • MSc project in CryoET (Cryo Electron Tomography) microbial cells, and subsequent analysis of macromolecular protein complexes by subtomogram averaging
  • BSc project in subcellular localization and assembly of chemotaxis proteins in V. cholerae


  • Regulating with RNA in bacteria. Poster presentation. Würzburg, Germany. 2017.


  • Natural LacI from E. coli Yields Faster Response and Higher Level of Expression than the LVA-Tagged LacI Dec 19, 2014 ACS Synthetic Biology
  • Chemotaxis cluster 1 proteins form cytoplasmic arrays in Vibrio cholerae and are stabilized by a double signaling domain receptor DosM. Aug 29, 2016 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • Architecture of the Vibrio cholerae toxin-coregulated pilus machine revealed by electron cryotomography Feb 6, 2017 Nature Microbiology
  • Uncharacterized bacterial structures revealed by electron cryotomography. Jun 2017 Journal og Bacteriology
  • Morphology of the archaellar motor and associated cytoplasmic cone in Thermococcus kodakaraensis. Jul 2017 Embo reports
  • Coupling chemosensory array formation and localization Oct 23, 2017 eLife