Tobias John

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Tobias John

Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU

Personal Data

Name Tobias John
Date of Birth 5 August 1990
Nationality German
Marital status Married
Contact tobias.john[at]


Since 10/2017 DPhil candidate, GSK-Crick Chemical Biology with Prof. Schofield, Head of Organic Chemistry
03/2015-09/2017 Master studies Life Science University of Konstanz (M.Sc., grade 1.1 with distinction)
01/2017-06/2017 Master’s Thesis Beatson Institute for Cancer Research- Karen Vousden, chief scientist of Cancer Research UK
02/2016-07/2016 Leave of absence: Assistant teacher for Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Music at Schule Schloss Salem
10/2011-03/2015 Bachelor studies Life Science University of Konstanz including internships in Guaratinguetá/Brazil (3 months) and at Vifor Pharma, Zürich
08/2010-08/2011 Voluntary service/Peru


  • Chemical Biology, Mechanistic Enzymology, Cancer Biology
  • Languages: Spanish, Portuguese (Tourist guide on Mainau Island in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese in 2015)


    Master's Thesis Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Karen Vousden
    "MdmX and the Adaptation to Bioenergetic Stress"
    • My results imply that the oncogene MdmX not only fulfills its oncogenic role by negatively regulating the tumor suppressor p53, but also by contributing to resolving bioenergetic stress such as serine/glycine deprivation, as seen in tumors

    Bachelor's Thesis, Prof. Marx
    "Triple Azide Labeling of Ubiquitin Variants"
    • Creation of ubiquitin chains via the incorporation of L Azidohomoalanine (L-Aha) instead of methionine and propargyl-protected Lys derivative (Plk) instead of lysine into Ub using Huisgen 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition
    Scientific project, Prof. Thomas U. Mayer
    "A Promiscuous Snatch Towards the PP2A Interactome"
    • The phosphatase PP2A's regulatory B-type subunit B56ε which is imperative for substrate selectivity was fused to either engineered ascorbate peroxidase (APEX2) or BirA. These enzymes generate reactive biotin molecules, which enabled the promiscuous biotin labelling of B56ε’s interactome
    Scientific project, Prof. Marx
    "Screening and Purification of Shuffled KTQ Mutants"
    • Libraries of KlenTaq DNA polymerase (KTQ) mutants were screened by quantitative PCR, aiming to find a mutant with enhanced discrimination of 5mC over C


  • 3rd Heidelberg Forum For young life scientists 6th-7th June 2013


  • IAESTE travel grant, in support of my research project at UNESP, Guaratinguetá/Brazil
  • ERASMUS+ travel grant, in support of my Master's Thesis at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research
  • Weltwärts funding for cultural exchange in Peru from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

    Non-Academic Activities

  • Vice-world champion in the World Music Contest with the State Symphonic Band BW in the prestigious Concert Division in Kerkrade, 2017
  • 1st national prize in the nationwide German music competition ‘’Jugend musiziert’’ 2009 (Category: Percussion Sextet)