Alan Smith

Muhammad Hanifi

Doctoral Student

Current Activities

I am based in Oxford, and currently completing the taught component of the doctorate program. Starting in Trinity Term 2018, I will carry out short project rotations before working on a specific research topic for my substantive DPhil research

Research Experience

Research Internship | NAIST Gene Regulation Laboratory

Juli 2015 - Agustus 2015

My project in the lab was to investigate the role of calcium channel activity in embryonic cells during somitogenesis. During this internship, I developed research ideas, designed experiments, optimizing protocols for microscopy investigations, and analyzed the acquired data. Skills learned including: plasmid cloning, live-microscopy of embryonic cells, and embryo microinjection.

iGEM Research Student | University of Indonesia

February 2014 - November 2014

I worked with the team to develop project ideas, experimental designs, working protocols, and team policies to engineer gut bacteria capable to recognize and degrade biofilm matrix created by pathogenic bacteria. Skills learned including: gene circuit design, plasmid cloning, and characterization of antibiofilm peptide and enzymes.

iGEM Research Student | University of Indonesia

February 2013 - November 2013

Our team developed a molecular biosensor for rapid screening of tuberculosis infection based on detection of antigen-85, a specific secretion product of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. I was responsible in development of project ideas and experiment designs, as well as working in the wet laboratory. Skills learned including: gene circuit design, plasmid cloning, and characterization of biosensor DNA parts.

Research Student | The Laboratory of Human Virology and Cancer Biology

December 2011 - November 2012

For around 6 months, I investigated the pattern of antiretroviral drug resistance in HIV1 CRF-01AE subtype infection in Indonesia. I was responsible for blood sample collection and analyzing structural changes in mutant viral protease and reverse-transcriptase using in silico techniques. Skills learned including PCR, genome sequencing, and protein-protein interaction modeling.

Research Interest

  • Mammalian synthetic biology
  • Engineering cell and tissue differentiation
  • Clinical applications of synthetic biology


Medical Doctor

University of Indonesia | 2014 - 2016 | First

Bachelor of Medical Sciences

University of Indonesia | 2011 - 2014 | 2:1