Andre Frade

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Andre Frade

DPhil Student

Programme: SABS CDT Programme

Email: andre.frade at



Systems & Synthetic Biology MRes, Imperial College London (UK)

Cellular & Molecular Biology BSc, FCT-UNL (Portugal)


I am an ambitious individual who likes to work on a multidisciplinary basis. So far I have been involved in a number of research projects, internships and jobs, contributing to over 4 years of theoretical knowledge and hands on experience in a wide range of fields such as molecular biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and business, appplied to academic and industrial research.



Along the way, I have been becoming aware of the power of data science in turning large amounts of raw data into meaningful and valuable knowledge. This has fuelled my interest and passion for complex big data analysis, which I am keen to apply to biology, business and finance in either industrial and academic research settings.

- Big Data, Data Science, Neuronal Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

- Mathematical modelling, parameter inference and algorithm optimisation

- Biological Computation, Protein and Metabolic Engineering, Systems and Synthetic Biology

- Project Management, Process Optimization, Business Intelegence, Risk Management, Finance


As an individual, I am always looking for maintaining my mental and physical health, dedicating my spare time to sports, the gym, cooking, traveling and nature.