Matt Raybould

DPhil Candidate on the Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences CDT

Hi, and welcome to my small portion of the internet! I am currently a DPhil candidate on the SABS Centre for Doctoral Training. Here you'll find out more about my research and my academic interests. I'm passionate about computational modelling - using the power of modern-day computing to solve the mysteries of the biomolecular world, contributing to the design of the next era of pharmaceuticals. It would be great to keep in touch via email or LinkedIn. Thanks for visiting!


SABS Rotation Projects

In addition to 6 months of academic courses, the SABS programme offers students the opportunity to experience life in two different research labs before committing to one for the three year DPhil. I'll be working in the following areas between April and October this year.

Antibody Structure Modelling (April-July 2017)

Supervised by Prof. Charlotte Deane in the Department of Statistics, in collaboration with GSK, Roche, MedImmune and UCB.

Molecular Dynamics of GPCR-Lipid Interactions (July-Oct 2017)

Jointly supervised by Dr. Phillip Stansfeld and Prof. Mark Sansom in the Department of Biochemistry, in collaboration with UCB.

Past Research

Mechanistic Insights into the Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons and Still-Gennari Olefinations (Sept 2015-June 2016)

A DFT computational study into the intra- and inter-molecular interactions governing diastereoselectivity in these two closely related organic systems. Research conducted in the group of Prof. Robert Paton.

Designing a Synthesis of the [18F]-Labelled SSAO/VAP-1 Inhibitor, PXS-4681A (Summer, 2014)

Working towards a new [18F]-labelled synthesis of a potential anti-inflammatory drug desired by oncology departments. Short project conducted in the group of Prof. Véronique Gouverneur.


In 2016/17, I am co-tutoring third year organic and inorganic chemistry at Merton College. From October 2017, I will tutor the first year Merton biochemists in organic chemistry. I am always looking for new teaching opportunities, so please contact me if you require a tutor in chemistry. All tutorial problem sets are available via WebLearn.


Email and LinkedIn are the best ways to contact me. Feel free to ask me about anything on the website!


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