Thomas Rawson

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Thomas Rawson

Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


2004-2011 - Bishop Wordsworth's School - Salisbury
2011-2012 - Arts University Bournemouth - Diploma in Art & Design (Distinction)
2012-2016 - University of Reading - MMath Mathematics (First Class)
2016-2020 (Expected) - University of Oxford - DPhil Systems Biology


Interdisciplinary Systems Biology
Very keen to work with people of diverse backgrounds and skillsets to apply mathematical techniques to biology-focused problems. My masters project involved investigating the interactions of mRNA and miRNA and their influence on gene expression. This was done by building a series of non-linear ODE models to simulate the system. I also have a specific interest in applying similar approaches to disease modelling.

Numerical Methods
In contrast to the pure Mathematician I find great pleasure in applying computational tools to best estimate solutions to systems where analytical methods fail. Experienced with multiple iterative and shooting methods for solving ODEs and PDEs, usually within Matlab. Also experienced with asymptotic methods of model approximation.

Animal Welfare Science
I hold an interest in refining methods of animal testing, seeking effective non-invasive alternatives for quantifying the physical and mental wellbeing of research animals.


Undergraduate Research Opportunity Placement - 2015 - University of Reading - 'Optimising Green Space through Linear Programming Approaches'
MMath Final Project - 2016 - University of Reading - 'Analysing the role of micro RNAs in controlling mRNA levels'