Coming from a computational background, I am interested in the mathematical modelling and data analysis of biological experiments. In my DPhil, I want to focus on the mathematical modelling of systems related to cancer. During my first year in SABS I will complete two 11-week long rotation projects:

  • "Modelling remporal variations of blood flow in tumours" supervised by Prof. Philip Maini from Mathematics Department and Dr. Robert Gatenby and Dr. Alexander Anderson from Moffitt Cancer Center (USA).
  • TBC
  • Background

    2016 - 2020 - University of Oxford, UK
    Degree: DPhil in Systems Approaches in Biomedical Sciences

    2013 - 2016 - University of St Andrews, UK
    Degree: BSc Honours in Astrophysics
    Thesis: "Lightning Chemistry on Earth-like Exoplanets"
    In the final year project, I developed a hydrodynamical model of lightning discharge coupled with chemical kinetics network. It allows to investigate the impact of lightning event in the atmospheres of varying chemical and physical properties.


    2016, 2015 - Completed 2 summer internships at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (Japan). I worked on the data analysis of the continuous in vitro evolution experiments. The main interest is to understand how small populations survive through the evolution. Supervised by Prof. Jonathan Miller and Dr. Carolina Diaz.

    2016 - Completed short 4-week internship at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia). Studied analytical models of astrophysical jets. Supervisor: Prof. Vasily Beskin.

    2014 - Participated in the University of Tokyo (Japan) research internship programme (UTRIP2014). Used AKARI Space Telescope near-infrared data to look at Young Stellar Objects' spectra in 2 – 5 micron range. Supervisor: Prof. Takashi Onaka.

    2013 - Completed a 7-week internship at the University of Dundee (UK) working on the development of cheap and efficient device for small mammal gait analysis based on the accelerometer data. Supervised by Dr. Paul Campbell.

    Conferences and Publications