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Chris Thomas

DPhil Student in the BBSRC Interdisciplinary Biosciences Doctoral Training Centre

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My scientific interests are centred around investigating how human cognition might be implemented biologically.
To this end, I am interested in working at the interface between theoretical neuroscience, computational modelling and electrophysiology to better understand the way by which cortical neural networks represent and manipulate information in service of our higher cognitive functions. I am also particularly interested in the neuroscience of sleep. Sleep is intriguing in its own right as a poorly understood but ubiquitous phenomenon to which we all devote a large portion of our lives. More importantly, however, it is an apparently essential component of the healthy function of all neural networks and is linked to many important higher functions. Moreover, I also believe that the study of sleep might ultimately provide a tractable route into understanding concepts such as conscious awareness.


2014 - 2015 MSc. Cognitive Science (Neuroinformatics & Neural Computation)
University of Edinburgh
2011 - 2014 BA Natural Sciences (Neuroscience)
Churchill College, University of Cambridge

Research Projects