About me


I am currently pursuing my DPhil with Prof. Mark Jenkinson at Oxford centre for Functional MRI of the brain (FMRIB), University of Oxford. My research interests include analysing structural and functional changes of the brain in disease. My DPhil work is on modelling the distribution of white matter lesions within a population and the detection of white matter pathologies of the brain in MR images.

In the first year of my DPhil, I did two projects as part of my course work. The first one was with Prof. Mark Jenkinson on 'Modelling the distribution of white matter hyperintensities using bayesian inference'. The second one was Prof. Alison Noble on 'Automated fetal echocardiography analysis using deep learning'.

Before my DPhil at Oxford, I completed my M.S. by research at Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras), with Prof. Mohanasankar Sivaprakasam. During my master's, I was working on retinal image analysis for the identfication of pathological signs and image computing for computer assisted screening and grading of various diseases. My master's thesis was on 'Detection of age-related macular degeneration on retinal fundus images'. As well as my research, I was working at Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC), which is a dynamic and multidisciplinary research environment that understands the challenges involved in solving real world problems.

In the long term, I would like to develop practical and sustainable solutions for promising healthcare problems for the betterment of the society, through a driven research community that would not only bring new ideas to life, but would also be constantly aware of the needs of the society in which it thrives. I am a student at Somerville College, University of Oxford and I am an active member of Oxford India Society for Sustainable Development (OICSD).

Awards and Scholarships