Matthew Speight

portrait Matthew Speight

DPhil Student in Interdisciplinary Biosciences, University of Oxford

I'm currently a DPhil student on the Doctoral Training Programme in Interdisciplinary Biosciences, supported by a 4-year BBRSC studentship, with a strong interest in zoologically-minded evolutionary problems. As an undergraduate, I studied biological sciences at Imperial College London, specialising in ethology and evolutionary biology. I since worked at a range of professional labs and also overseas, from field-work in the rainforests of Uganda to informing experimental design using amphibians on the International Space Station. I returned to education, undertaking an MRes in computational biology in 2014, focusing on Peto's paradox: the discrepancy between observed and theoretical rates of cancer incidence across mammals.

Contact me

  • With a passion for science communication and outreach, having worked as an academic leader full-time for three years, I'm always keen to hear about opportunities within the field. See my website for more details!
  • I'm always keen to establish new research collaborations in the fields of evolutionary and developmental biology, and within zoology at-large.