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Personal photo - Charlotte Pain


BA Biological Sciences University of Oxford (2012-2015)



Leafy liverworts: Practical applications in heathland restoration

A short 8-week study into the potential applications of leafy liverworts in heathland restoration, particularly on ex-agricultural land where establishment of heathland plants is often particularly poor. The breakdown of the symbiotic relationship heathland plants and locally present ericoid mycorrhizae as such restoration of this relation may be essential in improving the success of heathland restoration projects. Liverworts were infected with the Ericoid mychorrhizae Pezizella ericae, a suspected symbiotic partner Calluna vulgaris and Erica tetralix and co-planted with seedling in the nursery and field. Establishment was assessed throughout development and early results indicate sinificant increases in the survavival and establishment of both C. vulgaris and E. tetralix.

Characterisation of putative Kranz anatomy regulators

Completed a 10-week short project aimed at testing putative positive kranz anatomy regulators in Kitaake rice