Caitlin O'Brien

Personal photo - Caitlin O'Brien

Caitlin O'Brien

Doctoral Student at the

FMRIB, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford OX3 9DU

Current work

With a background in brain imaging using EEG and MEG from Nottingham University I joined FMRIB in July 2016 to transition to brain imaging using MRI. Here I am developing new techniques at 3 and 7 Tesla to obtain quantitative measurements of the oxygen metabolism of tissue in the brain. The clinical application of this work is in stroke, or other cerebrovascular conditions which result in regional differences in oxygen metabolism in the brain. I'm a keen gymnast but enjoy a variety of other sports such as rock climbing, dancing and rowing. I also have an interest in STEM outreach and give outreach talks for my college on medical physics, studying physics at university, brain imaging, and radiotherapy.


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