Christopher Mirfin

Research interests

My interests are based on the development of MRI technologies, in particular, realising the advantages of ultra-high field using parallel transmission. I am continuing my PhD studies at the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre (Nottingham) under the supervision of Paul Glover, Richard Bowtell and Matthew Clemence (Philips Healthcare).

As part of the Oxford-Nottingham Biomedical Imaging CDT I had 6 months training on a broad range of imaging technologies at the University of Oxford, and subsequently completed a summer project on nonlinear image registration at the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (Oxford) supervised by Mark Jenkinson.

    Novel RF pulse design

  • Inner volume imaging
  • Undersampled excitation
  • Frequency modulated pulses
  • Fast joint optimization of RF pulses

    RF Shimming

  • Custom software for improved workflow
  • Dynamic sequence shimming

    Accelerated Bloch simulations

  • GPU computing in CUDA
  • Projection methods
  • Extended Phase Graph simulations
  • Machine learning

    Intelligent optimization

  • Evolutionary algorithms
  • Hybrid metaheuristics
  • Acceleration by machine learning
  • GPU computing and parallel algorithms


Links below to available code on GitHub: Github.
  • Boundary based image registration: Matlab code for the non-rigid registration of MR images to histological sections.
  • Awards


  • Prestigious research student stipend, EPSRC-MRC, October 2015- September 2019
  • Graduate School Travel Award, University of Nottingham, April 2017
  • International Conference Travel Grant, Guarantors of Brain, April 2017
  • Research Student Conference Fund, Institute of Physics, April 2017

  • Prizes

  • 1st Prize, Tessella Postgraduate Poster Competition, School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Nottingham, February 2017
  • Best summer project, Oxford-Nottingham Biomedical Imaging CDT, University of Oxford, December 2016
  • Publications

    Journal Articles

  • Mollink J, Kleinnijenhuis M, van Cappellen van Walsum AM, Sotiropoulos SN, Cottaar M, Mirfin C, Heinrich MP, Jenkinson M, Pallebage-Gamarallage M, Ansorge O, Jbabdi S, Miller KL (2017). Evaluating fibre orientation dispersion in white matter: Comparison of diffusion MRI, histology and polarized light imaging. NeuroImage, 157: 561-574.

  • Conference Proceedings

  • Mirfin C, Bawden S, Glover P, Gowland PA, Bowtell R (2017). RF slice shimming at 7T with power control on a commercial 8-channel transmit coil. Proceedings of the 25th Scientific Meeting International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

  • Talks

  • RF Pulse Design, UK7T ptx Workshop, Nottingham, 2017.
  • Optimization of parallel transmission RF pulses using neural networks, UK7T Network 2nd Ultrahigh Field Symposium, Oxford, 2017.