Giles McMullen-Klein

Medical Imaging Research

Financial journalism and Scientific Research

Before arriving in Oxford, I had spent many years working in business journalism. My career began in radio, presenting the daily 'Dawn Traders' programme across London, on what is now LBC. I then moved into TV for a few years and after that into newspapers, working for CityAM in London and for the Canadian national daily, The National Post. During my time working in financial journalism, I became very interested in the application of physics to medicine and particularly to oncology. My interest became so strong that I decided to retrain. I completed a physics degree, spent time at Peterborough and Norwich hospitals, working with the oncology teams and then started my DPhil here in Oxford.


Since starting at the CDT, I have completed modules in computer programming, microscopy, biology, image analysis and medical imaging modalities.

  • Python
  • Matlab

During my undergraduate degree, I completed a project investigating the effect of different k-space trajectories on image acquisition in MRI. Whilst at the NHS I spent time using treatment planning software, modelling photon beams from IGRT rapid arc linacs for different treatment scenarios.

Research Interests

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Image Analysis
  • Applications of Imaging to Oncology
  • Programming in Matlab and Python
  • Radiotherapy
  • Data Analysis

Short Project

I undertook a project using Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation in MR imaging. I investigated whether hyperpolarized fumarate can be used to image realtime cellular necrosis in cardiomyocites. This was the first investigation of this type of imaging cell necrosis to be done in the heart.


Here are some books that I have found useful

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