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Personal photo - Matthew Herbert

I am a first year DPhil Student with broad interests in genetics, molecular biology and informatics. During the first year of my studies I am undertaking 3-month rotation projects in the Goodwin and Webber groups, here at the University of Oxford.

Whilst working with the Goodwin group I aimed to investigate transcriptional regulation at the doublesex locus in Drosophila melanogaster, using a high-throughput and largely automated, yeast one-hybrid system. I also screened a number of Gal4 lines believed to drive expression in the peripheral nervous system, identifying three which intersect neurons of the terminalia. These lines can now be used to provide functional access to mechanosensory neurons which are thought to provide modulatory information to a male-specific neural circuit required for proper copulation.



Tanaka, K., Hopfen, C., Herbert, M.R., Schlötterer, C., Stern, D.L., Masly, J.P., McGregor, A.P. and Nunes, M.D.S. (2015) Genetic Architecture and Functional Characterization of Genes Underlying the Rapid Diversification of Male External Genitalia Between Drosophila simulans and Drosophila mauritiana. Genetics, 200, 357 - 369. -- LINK