Katie Heath

DPhil Interdisciplinary Bioscience

Doctoral Training Centre,
Rex Richards Building,
South Parks Road,
Oxford OX1 3QU




Research Experience

  • Visiting PhD Student, The Pirbright Institue, Dept. of Integrative Entomology, 2015-present, Pirbright, UK
    • Within-vector virus dynamics in an SFV and Aedes aegypti model system
    • Dose-dependent factors influencing vector competence and, ultimately, ability to transmit viral disease
    • Laboratory methods for viral quantification and RNAi analysis
    • Mathematical modelling of viral dissemination through tissues of the mosquito vector

  • Research Consultant, MetaVirology LTD, 2014-present, London, UK
    • Biostatistics, academic writing and presentations in the field of HIV and Hepatitis C research
    • Projects included:
      • Analysis of HIV trials conducted at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
      • Safety and efficacy of Hepatitis C treatment
      • Analysis of UNAIDS database

  • Research Associate, International Prevention Research Institute, 2014-15, Lyon, France
    • Epidemiological and biostatistical research projects, predominantly in oncology and cancer prevention
    • Collaborative preparation of proposals and grant applications with international partners
    • Design and implementation of the institute Governance and Ethics Board

  • Research Assistant, University of Strathclyde, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, 2012, Glasgow, UK
    • A biostatistics based project
    • Investigating the prospects of autoantibody responses in blood samples as a new pre-symptomatic diagnostic criterion for lung cancer