Hello, everyone. Welcome to my website.
My name is Naushad AL Velgy,
currently reading for the SABS DTC course at the University of Oxford.

The buttons at the bottom of the site will lead you through to the other sections of the website, where you will be able to read through my previous work and interests.

The "Education" button will take you to a page with details of my previous courses and previous modules I took (with some running commentary on particularly interesting modules).

The "Awards" section is by far the smallest section in this website. It is also one I hope to increase in the future.

Which takes us to the most important page of the website: my research. This is also a small page, mainly because it is comprised of just my previous work and current interests. Soon, it will be populated with all the research I will undertake for the remainder of the 3 years of my DPhil. Until then, please look forward to my work.

The last section is the contact section. You will find my email and other social network sites for your perusal. There is also a link to my LinkedIn® page for anyone interested in my extracurriculary activities (click here to go to it directly).