Phoenix (Kamyia)

Kamyia Phoenix

Designed by: Satoshi Kamyia

Paper used: One sheet biotope

Bio: Immortality is a fine concept, but the phoenix has resented the reality of it every day of her life. At the end of each cycle, her spontaneous combustion and renewal is a process of such divine agony that she has spent half her life in abject dread of the next burning.

She has been eager to break out of this cycle. The teachings of Buddhism seemed to mesh very well with her situation, but after five burnings with no respite, she gave it up as mere superstition. Suicide simply bought the next burning around more quickly. At this point, no action on her part seems likely to break her from the iron circle. She can only hope for intercession from other powers.

There are no other phoenixes, or at least she has never met another. But in infinite time, she will become every phoenix it is possible to be - even the happy ones. Small comfort at the moment, though. Those days feel bleakly far away.

Pity her. She is a creature of despair.