Oliver Meacock

Well, whether by bad luck or worse judgement, you've found yourself here. May as well make the most of it.

I am Oliver Meacock , currently a second year Life Sciences Interface student (part of the Oxford Doctoral Training Center, although unfortunately the program itself was terminated at the end of 2015. Presumably they didn't like the look of our year's intake).

I don't really like putting photos of myself on the internet, so I have uploaded a comprimise to the right. If you enjoy thankless tasks, you are certainly welcome to unscramble it, although I should warn you that one piece has been duplicated and another deleted. Alternatively, I'm sure I would turn up on Google images if you're really curious.

Currently, I am working with Mack Durham and Kevin Foster in the department of Zoology.

If you're inerested in my degrees, experience and other academic vainglories, please check out my LinkedIn profile. This site is primarally intended as a record of ongoing research and interests.