Florian Klimm

Doctoral Student
Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science Doctoral Training Centre
Mathematical Institute
University of Oxford

You can find me in my office S2.15 in the Andrew Wiles Building.

My research interests are the application of network theory and other mathematical methods on real world data sets, especially protein interaction, as well as, neuroscientific connectivity data. More specific research topics include

  • network topology and its analysis
  • community detection & statistical inference in networks
  • multilayer networks for integrative data analysis
  • computational neuroscience
  • persistent homology

Currently, I am supervised jointly by Mason Porter (UCLA), Charlotte Deane (Statistics, University Oxford), Jonny Wray (e-Therapeutics), and Philip Maini (Mathematics, University of Oxford).

If you are interested in proteins, please see our blog BLOPIG.

Occasionally, I am answering questions about Maths and Physics on Quora, see here.

Email: f.klimm@gmail.com

Academic CV (12/11/2017)