Inference and stochastic modelling
applied to developmental biology

Below is a summary of my current and previous research

Current Research

mRNA localisation

Modelling the dynamics of mRNA complexes in Drosophila nurse cells and oocytes.

Image credit: I. Davis lab

Likelihood-free inference

How to fit a model to experimental data, particularly when the likelihood is hard to compute.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Previous Research

Image credit: J. Harrison

Machine learning

Used neural networks for prediction of rare genetic diseases from ordinary photographs. Based on the work of Ferry et al. Supervised by Dr Chris Nellaker and Prof Andrew Zisserman .

Image credit: J.Harrison

Multiscale modelling

Developed a method for coupling a position jump process to a PDE model across different parts of a spatial domain. Undertaken as an undergraduate summer project and for a MMath project. Supervised by Dr Kit Yates .