Aurelija Grigonyte

Personal photo - Aurelija Grigonyte

Aurelija Grigonyte

Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU



Research experience

UCL, Cancer Institute Regulation of NF2/Merlin and YAP by cell-cell adhesion, supervisor: Dr Pablo Rodriguez- Viciana. 10/2013-03/2014
UCL, Department of Biochemical Engineering Establishing Roseobacter clade bacteria as viable synthetic biology chassis,supervisor: Dr Darren Nesbeth 11/2012-11/2013
California Institute of Technology,Engineering and Applied Science mplementation of a biomolecular circuit for tracking protein concentration in TX-TL system, supervisor: Prof. Richard M. Murray. 06/2013-09/2013
UCL, Department of Biochemical Engineering Bioremediation of micro-plastics in marine environment, International Genetically Engineered machine (iGEM) competition, UCL 2012 team, supervisors: Prof. Eli Keshavarz-Moore and Dr Darren Nesbeth. 05/2012-11/2012
University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering Establishment of in vitro system for ventricular assist device testing, supervisor: Dr Richard McMahon. 04/2011-09/2011

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