Oxford University

Research Interests

Currently, my work focuses on using computer vision and machine learning algorithms to narrow the diagnostic search space for patients with suspected rare genetic disorders. In particular, My work utilises deep convolutional neural networks, implemented using Python, MATLAB and SQL, to automate the retrieval of training data.

Machine learning involves using algorithms which improve their performance by leveraging task specific data to uncover discriminative combinations of features, often more effectively than manual feature engineering alone. Other research interests of mine include using computer vision in the fields of facial inheritance and facial phenotype classification.

Oriel College


In 2014, I graduated with a Master of Mathematics degree from Oriel College, University of Oxford. My dissertation involved modelling the spread of direct contact transmitted diseases in a populated region, where there exist routes along which the population can spread more quickly.

I was then accepted to the Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Oxford, where I briefly worked on analysing patient activity using wearable technology for mental health management. In 2015, I moved into the Engineering department to start my DPhil as part of the Nellaker Group and Visual Geometry Group.