This project started as my master thesis, where I designed a computational model of the auditory cortex and developed a simulator SUSNOIMAC for simulation of the model. The model contains up to 100 000 spiking neurons (modelled as Izhikevich's spiking neurons), synapses with transmission delays and plastic weights (evolving according to the STDP = spike timing dependent plasticity). The master thesis was supervised by Mgr. Cyril Brom Ph.D. and the model was designed in collaboration with neuroscientists Mgr. Ondřej Novák and MUDr. Ondřej Zelenka.

You may read more about the model and simulator at its website and in our publication Formation and disruption of tonotopy in a large-scale model of the auditory cortex [PDF preprint].

We have been using the model for researching plasticity in the auditory cortex in mice. We have been trying to explain how tonotopy (and its local heterogeneity) emerges and how it can be affected by various sounds that the modelled animal hears when young.