Lucy A. Taylor

Personal photo - Lucy Taylor

Lucy A. Taylor

Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU

DPhil Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP

Taught courses

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Research Rotations

Both of my research rotations were conducted in the Department of Zoology. My first research rotation was with Dr Dora Biro and Dr Máté Nagy studying leadership dynamics in homing pigeons and my second research rotation was with Professor Alex Kacelnik and Dr Auguste von Bayern studying cognition in New Caledonian crows.

DPhil Research

I am currently in the process of designing my main DPhil project. I will also undertake a 12-week internship later in my DPhil programme.


2013-2017: DPhil Interdisciplinary Bioscience, University of Oxford

2011-2013: MSc by Research, University of Bristol

2007-2010: BSc (Hons) Animal Science, University of the West of England (Hartpury College)

Previous research

2010-2013: Bristol Conservation and Science Foundation, c/o Bristol Zoo Gardens (3 years).
Research projects including assessing the diets of captive greater kudus, collating the body masses of wild lemurs and the prevalence of obesity in captive lemurs; grant and publication writing for the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group; conference editing and organisation. My collaborative MSc by Research with Bristol Conservation and Science Foundation and the universities of Bristol, Hamburg and Zurich compared the tooth wear experienced by free-ranging and captive rhinos and equids to establish if different wear patterns are experienced in captivity.
2009: Food and Environment Research Agency, Gloucestershire (2 months).
Defra funded field trial on the behaviour of cattle towards potential tuberculosis vaccine baits for Eurasian badgers, part of which formed my undergraduate dissertation.
2008: The Organic Research Centre – Elm Farm, Berkshire (2 months).
Trial on organic, farm-sourced feed for broiler chickens.


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