Daniel Humphries

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Daniel Humphries

Doctoral Student at the Doctoral Training Centre

Rex Richards Building,

South Parks Road,




Research Interests

Developmental biology.

I am interested in investigating the mechanisms which govern embryonic and early development. In particular, I am interested in mathematical models which respect both the biology of the system, and the means by which experimental data might be gathered. Models investigating the robustness of development in vertebrates are particularly interesting.

Biological mechanics

I am interested at investigating the extent to which continuum models in elastics and plastics are able to model real world biological solids and gels. Cell-cell interactions and cell-matrix interactions form a very interesting interface between experimental data, computation and theory. In particular, the comparison between data and existing models, and the ability to investigate new mechanical models numerically, provides a fascinating insight into the cellular landscape and environment.

Short Projects

Towards a first mathematical model of filopodia-mediated morphogenesis

Recent experiments have confirmed that the presence of long, specialized filopodia are required for the establishment of a normal morphogen gradient in some contexts. The scarcity of mathematical models describing specialized filopodia in morphogenesis makes quantitative comparison between filopodia-mediated morphogenesis and other mechanisms difficult. Working with Dr. Ruth Baker and Dr. Christian Yates , we developed one- and two-dimensional descriptions of filopodia mediating morphogen transport. We developed a mathematical framework to describe the random-walk of a filopodial tip and the retraction of the filopodial body. We found some biologically relevant relations between model parameters and the time or positional arrival of a filopodial tip at some signalling centre.

Contact details

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