Document class of the day

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Here I will post LaTeX document classes or packages I have come across and found useful or interesting.

4th November 2013 - \documentclass{meetingmins}

Useful for writing agendas or minutes for meetings

5th November 2013 - \usepackage{fancyhdr}

I use this for adding headers to pages in my documents

6th November 2013 - \usepackage{tikz}

Used for all sorts of diagrams but today I was using it to create family trees

14th November 2013 - \documentclass{revtex4}

APS standard. My favourite document class to date. It makes reports look professional.

9th October 2014 - makebst.tex

Existing bibliography styles don't do what you want? Make your own custom style by running makebst.tex in a latex editor. This TeX program allows you to pick and choose formatting elements to create your own bibliography style (.bst file) to use with BibTeX.