About me

I'm a DPhil Student in cancer genomics, based at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford. I am currently in my second year of the systems biology doctoral training centre (DTC) research program, and first year of dedicated research. My background is as a mathematician (MMath) and computer programmer / software engineer.

Current research

I am interested in the contribution of post-transcriptional RNA editing to cancer. The RNA modifications caused by the ADAR and APOBEC protein families can have dramatic impacts on resultant proteins, even if the underlying DNA remains normal. I am looking at large-scale trends in RNA editing across genomes from tumour samples, using a bioinformatics approach. I am undertaking research under supervision from Benjamin Schuster-Boeckler.


Other research

DNA repair

11-week lab-based research project in the Martin Cohn laboratory, looking at phosphorylation sites of the FANCD2 protein and their role in DNA repair. The aim was to continue work to see which phosphorylation sites were responsible for the ubiquitination of FANCD2, using laboratory-based molecular biology techniques.


Other lives

In my spare time I distract myself via jazz trumpet, long-distance running, and writing Christmas songs. I am interested in fundamental number theory, factorisation, and combinatorics. I am passionate about savoury snacks.



Contact me on michael.dunne@dtc.ox.ac.uk.