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  • I completed a year long research project in my fourth year at The University of Warwick entitled 'The Contact Process on Extremely Heterogeneous Graphs', supervised by Dr. Thomas House, including my own work predicting the exact mean hitting time for SIS infection to die out of a star network topology applying a path integral approach to continuous time markov chains.

  • I have completed an 11 week rotation as part of the Garman research group in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford as part of my first year of the DTC. The project title was 'Radiation damage of nucleoprotein complexes in macromolecular crystallography', and I was supervised by Prof. Elspeth Garman, in collaboration with Dr. John McGeehan, University of Portsmouth.

  • I am just about to undertake an 11 week project in the Department of Pathology, University of Oxford, within the Dushek research group, as part of my first year of the DTC. The area of my project will be 'Digital signalling in T cells'.

  • Notable Work

  • Check out the first episode of Protein Hour, a joint video venture with Connor Sharp. This is a hard hitting documentary video piece concerning the existence of discrepancies within the Protein Data Bank (PDB), regarding the many suspected cases in which ligands recorded to be bound to proteins are not actually present within the crystallised protein - the so-called 'ligands of desire'. The video can be found here.

  • Research Blog

  • A semi up to date research blog can be found here.