Anna Muszkiewicz
Systems Biology DTC, Oxford

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I thoroughly enjoy learning foreign languages and speak Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian fluently. I like to think I have a basic understanding of German. I'm planning to improve on this at some point; one day I also hope to speak Spanish and Chinese Mandarin.


My passion for travelling and cultural exploration prompted me to travel around Europe and Asia. I've visited nearly twenty different countries and lived in five of these for at least a year (one of them no longer exists). The place that enchanted me the most was Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Paris earned a place in my memories as the most beautiful ciy in Europe, while Singapore and Shanghai were perhaps the most impressive cities I've visited.

Painting & Photography

One of my major interests lies in painting, which is why on weekends my clothes become stained with paint and charcoal. If I'm in a particularly creative mood, you're likely to see sketches of a painting I'm working on scattered about my room. Some time ago I took part in a few charity exhibitions in Poland. With a bit of luck (and enough time to create something sensible) I might repeat this in the UK.

Long-distance running

I took to long-distance running during my stay in Singapore. There I participated in a few charity runs, with the longest one being 15km. Having taken a break from running in my final year of studies, I'm now starting to train again. I'm looking forward to running a marathon one day.