Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

My research focusses on developing techniques to probe the brains neurochemical profile to investigate its metabolism and associated pathology. With the advent of ultra-high magnetic field strength (7T) MRI machines, we are able to reliably detect around 15 neurochemicals in vivo, such as NAA, creatine, inositol, glutamate and GABA. At 7T, however, issues with magnetic field inhomogeneity and chemical shift displacement can reduce the quality of spectroscopy data.

My research aims to firstly reduce the effect of these problems at ultra-high field and secondly develop methods to reliably obtain metabolite concentrations from multiple brain regions. This is important as a tool for basic neuroscience, e.g. to measure minute changes in neurotransmitter concentrations, and also as a clinical tool for the reliable classification and mapping of disease.

Two voxel spectroscopy