Jonathan Ross

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Jonathan Ross

Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


Systems Biology Student at Pembroke College now working under the supervision of Professor Andy Hamilton FRS in the Organic Chemistry department. Studied chemistry at undergraduate completing a Part II project with Veronique Gouverneur on gold catalysed cross-coupling reactions.

Research Interests

I work on the development of novel classes of peptidomimetic, with a particular focus on beta-strands and beta-sheets. Peptidomimetics have a number of advantages over the original peptides as drugs - most notably in cell permeability and metabolic stability. The beta-sheet mimics are based on the diphenylacetylene scaffold initally developed by Kemp and are being used to target a histone demethylase in a collaboration with the Schofield Groups and the Structural Genomics Consortium.

DTC Research Projects


Beta Sheet Mimicry: The inhibition of Human Protein Jumonji Domain Containing 2A (JMJD2A), Ross, J. E.; Thompson, S.;, Munzel, M.; Hamilton, A. D., RSC Medicinal Chemistry School, June 2012


1. 'Gold-Catalyzed Cascade Cyclization-Oxidative Alkynylation of Allenoates', Hopkinson, M. N.; Ross, J. E.; Giuffredi, G. T.; Gee, A. D.; Gouverneur, V., Org. Lett., 2010, 12 (21), 4904-4907.

2. The first structure of a human ABC transporter, ABCB10, in apo- and nucleotide-bound states. Shintre, C. A.; , Pike, A. C. W.; Li, Q.; Kim, J.; Barr, A. J.; Goubin, S.; Shrestha, L.; Yang, J.; Berridge, G.; Ross, J. E.; Stansfeld, P. J.; Sansom, M. S. P.; Edwards A. M.; Bountra, C.; Marsden, B. D.; Delft, F. v.; Bullock, A. N.; Gileadi, O.; Burgess-Brown, N. A.; Carpenter, E. P., P.N.A.S., 2013, 110 (24), 9710.