My interest in biology was first piqued when doing a biophysics course during my undergraduate degree in physics at Imperial College London. I don't think I was aware before that there was so much fascinating phenomena happening under my very nose, and that a mathematical approach could be taken to help understand it. I joined the Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre at Oxford in 2011, and did two rotation projects, one on fMRI networks with Dr. Mason Porter in mathematics, and the second on models of T cell activation with Dr. Omer Dushek in pathology. I stayed with Omer for my PhD, using a combination of experiment and theory to understand T cell activation.

It is interesting to think about why mathemathics has been so successful at explaining natural phenomena, and whether it has the capabilities in its present formalism to model intergrated biological systems, or if new mathematics have to be made.

Outside of my PhD, I am interested in all kinds of movement arts, but especially Ashtanga yoga and Capoeira. If you're wondering about the adjacent picture, it is of one of my favourite trees.