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Andrew Elliott

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Member of the CABDyN group, Saïd Business School
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Andrew Elliott works in the emerging area of Network Science, mostly focusing on protein protein interaction (PPI) networks in a collaboration with a small drugs company. He completed his undergraduate in Mathematics from Imperial College London. He is funded through the Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences Industrial Doctoral Centre.

His research is co-supervised by Dr Felix Reed-Tsochas, director of the CABDyN Complexity Centre, Elizabeth Leicht, a Senior Research Fellow in Complex Networks and Prof. Gesine Reinert, Department of Statistics.

Andrew's work is interdisciplinary revolving arround using ideas from biology, physics, mathematics and statistics. His work focus's on constructing and analysing PPI networks related to disease processes in cells particularly focusing on networks relating to Parkinson's Disease.

He is also interested in questions in General Complexity and Network Science


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