Anthony Connor

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Anthony Connor

Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


In 2010, I completed an undergraduate Masters in Physics at the University of Oxford. My 4th year major options were in Lasers and Quantum Information Processing and Theoretical Physics. For my masters’ project I investigated the evolutionary dynamics of a model self-assembling system on a 2-D grid. The model consisted of a genetic algorithm with a complex genotype-phenotype mapping and was implemented using C++.


My current research interests revolve around the development and validation of computational models of angiogenesis and vascular tumour growth. Throughout my DPhil I have applied both continuum (PDE) and stochastic individual-based approaches to modelling angiogenesis and tumour growth. My research highlights the need for a rigorous approach to model code design in order to promote code reuse, understandability and reproducibility. To that end, I have devoted some of my efforts towards developing an object-oriented framework for the development and implementation of hybrid multiscale models of vascular tumour growth. My DPhil project is being undertaken in collaboration with Hoffmann-La Roche who are providing a wealth of experimental images for model validation.