Introduction to Bioinformatics for Bioscientists

This course provides an introduction to concepts, tools and techniques in bioinformatics and phylogenetics. The course is primarily targeted at students from a biosciences background and assumes a basic level of familiarity with computational tools and programming, as provided by the Programming course. The first two weeks comprise four two-day modules covering: sequence databases, sequence alignments, phylogenetics, high-throughput sequencing technologies (both short- and long-read), protein bioinformatics tools, homology modelling, molecular visualisation & setting up and running molecular dynamic simulations. Students will have the opportunity to work in small groups on a chosen scientific paper relevant to the course and present their findings back to the group during the third week. In the final week of the course students will present research ideas and form small teams to develop a solution in the spirit of a hackathon. Each team will then work collaboratively on their chosen problem, presenting their solution back to the group as a whole on the final Friday.