Alumni case study: Sara Dutta

Alumni case study: Sara Dutta
Systems Biology
Job title
ORISE Research Fellow
United States Food and Drug Administration

In what way was your DPhil important to your employer?

The level of qualification, subject area and skills acquired during my DPhil were all essential for me to secure my current position. Furthermore, the team I was coming from in Oxford (Prof. Rodriguez's group) is prominent in the subject area of cardiac modelling, and was well known to my current employer.

In what ways have the skills and knowledge from your DPhil been useful in your current role?

Direct simulation/modelling skills and knowledge from my PhD have been applied to my current position, as well as my conference presentation skills and team working skills.

What do you think has been of most value to you in undertaking a DPhil at Oxford?

What I have learnt (not only the skills and knowledge about my scientific field but also what I have learnt about myself and how to face challenges and push through challenging periods) and the people I have met (I probably learnt the most from them, my supervisor, my colleagues and my friends).

How do you think you benefited from being part of a cohort?

The DTC definitely helped during my DPhil as it provided a team of scientists, from outside my specific field/department, that I could reach out to easily about work and non-work related topics. A DPhil can sometimes be lonely but the DTC definitely helps by creating a strong support group.

What would you say to someone who was considering doing a DPhil at the DTC?

A DPhil is an exciting and challenging experience and the DTC gives you that extra boost and comfort zone to make the most of this experience. Join the DTC if you want to be at the intersection of cutting edge research in the life sciences field and get a broad exposure to mathematicians, biologists, physicists and computer scientists.

Do you have any fond memories about the DTC to share?

Rounders in University parks! I had never played Rounders before but I loved it and enjoyed watching certain people get very competitive. And we were always lucky with the weather when we played.