Alumni case study: Robert Crawford

Alumni case study: Robert Crawford
Life Sciences Interface
Job title
Integration Scientist 2
illumina ltd

In what way was your DPhil important to your employer?

DPhil/PhD was required for Scientist level position. Skills acquired over DPhil research and post-doc were important for role.

In what ways have the skills and knowledge from your DPhil been useful in your current role?

Technical knowledge, presentation, data analysis

What do you think has been of most value to you in undertaking a DPhil at Oxford?

Broadening scientific knowledge, meeting ambitious people

How do you think you benefited from being part of a cohort?

Social links within DTC have remained to this day. Links with those I know in academia were useful for industry.

What would you say to someone who was considering doing a DPhil at the DTC?

I would say that if you’re unsure on what specific subject area within the life sciences you’d like to embark doctoral research on, the DTC is a great way to learn about many different areas before committing.

Do you have any fond memories about the DTC to share?

Arriving on the first day, meeting the whole group and finding everyone very friendly and down to earth.