Alumni case study: Katherine Rock

Alumni case study: Katherine Rock
Life Sciences Interface
Job title
Patent Attorney
Davies Collison Cave

In what way was your DPhil important to your employer?

A patent attorney role requires a strong technical background in order to truly appreciate each invention and seek the strongest possible protection, and many attorneys require a DPhil to remain competitive.

In what ways have the skills and knowledge from your DPhil been useful in your current role?

Drafting patent specifications, prosecuting patent applications and providing infringement and validity advice in respect of patents and patent applications in fields related to my DPhil.

What do you think has been of most value to you in undertaking a DPhil at Oxford?

The technical skills as well as the professional and personal networks.

How do you think you benefited from being part of a cohort?

Despite being over a decade since I joined the DTC, the connections established with many of my cohort colleagues have been enduring, and this has proved particularly beneficial both personally and professionally.

What would you say to someone who was considering doing a DPhil at the DTC?

Over and above a traditional DPhil, the DTC provides a series of structured courses, including mini research projects which allow you to assess potential areas before committing to a substantive DPhil. If the upskilling provided by the courses, and the “try before you buy” projects appeal, which they did for me, I would highly recommend the DTC.

Do you have any fond memories about the DTC to share?

The “Holidays of a Lifetime” organised by one of our DTC cohort to Snowdonia and the Lakes District, and DTC Christmas Parties.