Alumni case study: Jessica Bruce (Leitch)

Alumni case study: Jessica Bruce (Leitch)
Life Sciences Interface
Job title
Managing Director
Run3D Limited

In what way was your DPhil important to your employer?

Skills acquired and subject area.

In what ways have the skills and knowledge from your DPhil been useful in your current role?

Direct use of academic knowledge

What do you think has been of most value to you in undertaking a DPhil at Oxford?

Academic excellence as well as professional contacts and networks.

How do you think you benefited from being part of a cohort?

Both formal and informal collaborations.

What would you say to someone who was considering doing a DPhil at the DTC?

The DTC offers a fantastic opportunity for you to explore a wide variety of research options. For my first DTC project I decided to try something completely different and worked with fruit flies in a biology lab! For my second project, I worked at the Oxford Gait Laboratory and soon realised that I wanted to stay there for my DPhil.

Do you have any fond memories about the DTC to share?

The DTC’s annual outing to the Teddy Hall Relays of course!